• Our nestable IBC spill pallet complete with a weathertight hardcover.

  • Double swing doors with three-point locking mechanism
  • Two litre in-platform drip tray
  • Ample headroom for IBC mixers, funnels and pumps
  • Door vents for inspection and air circulation
  • Roof designed for quick rainwater run-off to the rear
  • Flat pack shipping
  • Easy assembly
  • Compatible with nestable Single IBC Spill Pallet
  • 1691376605_Jonesco HC1-YE-YE IBC Harcover Leaftlet.pdf Download
  • 1691376693_Jonesco HC1-YE-YE IBC Harcover Datasheet.pdf Download
  • 1691376756_Jonesco HC1-YE-YE IBC Harcover Booklet.pdf Download
  • 1691376774_Jonesco HC1-YE-YE IBC Harcover Technical Data.pdf Download

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