SR 591 | WELDING SHIELD is design for use either by itself or in combination with a respiratory protection system. The welding shield is designed for easy use and operation. Adjustable head harness for best comfort. The SR 591 can be equipped with different types of welding filters. To get the best and appropriate respiratory protection you can choose to use it with either SR 900 half mask with remote filter holder SR 905 or with our powered fan unit SR 500 or SR 700 in the highest protection level (TM3). You can also use the SR 900 with our SR 507 compressed air attachment in class 3A/3B.

More Information H06-4312
Material PA
Color Black, Blue
Shelf life (years) 5
Country of manufacture    Sweden
Approval EN 175:1997
Directive 1 (EU) 2016/425 PPE
Model description SR 591 Welding shield
SR 584
SR 500
SR 700
Class TH3
EN 12941:1998
Nominal protection factor: 500

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